How to Download Glance Intuit

Glance intuit is a remote support tool that lets its users share their computer screens for collaborative work which you can download from . This is particularly handy in the new age of remote work. Its features aren’t just limited to screen sharing, but also remote access by trained customer representatives from Intuit support. This is particularly helpful in providing help with software issues, especially those involving financial and accounting software. Both of these vital features make Glance intuit a highly useful and reliable tool for the modern age and this article will explain the steps to download it.

Download Glance Intuit

One thing to note is that there are two versions of glance you can download: Glance Client and GlanceGuest. Glance Client is for registered Glance users which lets them initiate meetings and access the main features of Glance. GlanceGuest meanwhile is Glance Intuit which is the main goal of this article. It’s for those who don’t regularly use glance to join a glance meeting. Its setup and joining process is far quicker, and can be sped up with the glance browser extension.

If you’re using this guide to check out how to use glance for intuit, then we recommend following the Glance for guests option. This guide will explain how to download Glance Client and GlanceGuest.

Glance For Windows

Glance Client

  1. Go to the URL and choose the “Download for PC” option under “Glance for PC”.
  2. Open the setup file from your default download folder.
  3. Proceed through the setup and choose the desired file as your destination location. It’s usually in Program Files(x86) in Disk C.
  1. Once the installation is complete, Glance will automatically open up at the bottom right of your screen and the glance icon will be among the other tools in the system tools/notification area in your taskbar.


  1. Go to on your web browser. This automatically begins downloading the software and would be completed in a matter of seconds.
  1. Once downloaded, open the setup file from your default download folder.
  2. Click yes on the permissions requested to finish the download.
  3. Once you finish the installation, return to the website where you downloaded the setup file from. You may notice that the site has changed a bit with a new “click here to start Glance” option. Click it to proceed.
  1. When you click it, you’ll get a pop-up asking to open Glance Protocol Handler. Click the “Open Glance Protocol Handler” option.
  1. The session will begin and you’ll be provided with a number that you’ll need to give to the representative to start the session.’
  2. In this type of session, the Intuit agent is allowed control over your mouse cursor. This has been designed to help the agent in assisting you with any difficulties. If you wish, you can cancel this by clicking the “end” button.
  3. Alternatively, if you’ve been sent a link to a glance session, you will need to click the link and enter your name and email to enter the session.

Glance for Mac


GlanceGuest on Mac works similarly to GlanceGuest on Windows, where you can either:

  1. Click on a URL sent by the inviter where you’ll be given a code to install GlanceGuest.
  2. A group is given a URL for the group only, where they download GlanceGuest. Post installation, they are given a code they need to give the agent.

Glance Client

  1. Go to the URL: and choose the “download for Mac” option. Post installation, glance automatically gets placed in your dock and menu bar.
  2. Then log in with you Glance Address and Password

Glance for Mobile

Glance for mobile is helpful with its screen sharing facilities and especially with the guide and gesture feature. Other features are discussed in their official website here. You can use glance for mobile by integrating a glance SDK(Software development kit) onto your mobile apps. While using the glance SDK requires an account, you can integrate it without one. The mobile SDK website is where you can find the links to the OS support and installation guides. Here’s a quick run down of the installation process. Glance for iOS is integrated through Swift or Objective-C, while Glance for android is done through Kotlin or Java.

Glance as a browser extension

If you checked the linked URL pages you may see a message suggesting you use a Chrome extension instead. This is for GlanceGuest, the screen sharing solution where you can join any session without needing to download the tool, making it more convenient. You can download the chrome extension here or in the download links of the previously linked pages. However, the app has poor reviews complaining that it doesn’t work, so you may experience the same problem. As mentioned before, Glance Intuit is only supported on Windows and Mac, so it won’t work on a Chromebook, even though you can easily access its extension.

Troubleshooting issues

Not every technical process enjoys a smooth-sailing journey, and you may come across some issues holding back your progress. In such instances you can check their help page where you can find answers to any issue troubling you.


In the post-pandemic age where work grows increasingly remote and assistance with technical issues rise, glance intuit is a welcome tool. It helps teams collaborate together on projects through screen sharing and remote control of other PCs when needed. Beyond just being a standalone software, glance can also be integrated into other applications such as CRM platforms, help desk software and learning management systems. This versatility and integration into workflows is a major boost to efficiency and productivity. Not to mention the tight security it provides to ensure that your sensitive data does not fall into the wrong hands.


How do I get Glance to work?

If you’re using the glance facility for Intuit, you need to download GlanceGuest from the aforementioned link and remember to not close the tab after it gets downloaded. Once you download and install GlanceGuest, you must click on “click here to start glance” where you will be given a code to give to the agent to start the session.

Does Intuit use Glance?

Yes it does. Glance features used in intuit include screen share, cobrowse, mobile app sharing and more.

How do I use Glance on my phone?

When using an Intuit app on your phone such as Quickbooks, find the “Locate help” section on the app where you’ll have to follow the instructions until you’re connected to an agent.