Glance Intuit is a screen sharing and remote support application. The screen sharing facility is particularly useful for teams that are organized remotely, helping them maintain the efficiency and coordination of an in-office team. The remote support aspect of glance intuit is particularly helpful in cases where the user needs technical assistance from a trusted representative. Glance Intuit is a product of Intuit inc, which also provides accounting and tax softwares, that often involve situations where users need technical assistance from a trusted representative. Which is where glance intuit’s remote support facility has crucial importance. Since glance intuit is a highly versatile tool that’s often used for dealing with sensitive information, it is reasonable to have many questions about it. This article aims to answer them.

How to Start a Glance Intuit Remote Session?

Other tasks can also greatly benefit from the screen sharing and remote access facilities of glance intuit. Sales can benefit from these tools in building presentations and displaying product demos by taking the client through their offers. This benefits both the client and salesperson with the client getting a better understanding of the products and the salesperson gaining trust from the client.

Education can also benefit from glance intuit, with the screen sharing facilities enabling remote tutoring and virtual meetings.

Finally, we had mentioned that professional organizations can benefit from screen sharing as it improves online collaboration, getting work done more efficiently. However, the remote support tools can help these companies train employees remotely, especially as trainees may sometimes need more hands-on help when learning.

How does Glance Intuit screen sharing work?

It works as following:

  1. The person initiating the session opens the icon on the taskbar/dock depending on the operating system.
  2. Upon doing this, they’re given the option to either show their screen or view a guest’s screen.
  3. At the start of the session, a box is presented with instructions on how the guest should join the meeting. This includes the four digit enter key.
  4. Copy these instructions and send them to your guests via email or any other medium.
  5. Once your guest clicks the sent URL, they’re asked to enter their session key, after which the session begins. One thing to note is that guests do not need to install the glance software to join a session.
  6. The screen sharing option comes with a selection of features which are: choosing which monitor you want to show, gesturing, hiding their screen, and remote control.
  7. Once you’re done with a session, simply click the end button to terminate it.

How do I get the latest version of Glance Intuit?

The official website of glance has a download page where the latest version of the glance setup is ready to download and install. More information about the current and minimum supported versions are found on their help page here.

What are the system requirements for Glance Intuit?

Glance Intuit is fully compatible with Windows 10 and newer, while for the mac, it’s compatible with the latest and previous versions. The compatible browsers for Windows are Chrome, Edge and Firefox, while for Mac, it’s Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Keep in mind that there are noticeable variations on compatibility based on whether you’re a visitor or agent. For more details on compatibility, see their page on system requirements.

Does Glance Intuit work on mobile phones?

Glance Mobile App share can be integrated into your apps which also involves some changes in configuration to its UI and UX. Meanwhile, glance intuit is integrated into apps of its parent company, Intuit. These apps include TurboTax and QuickBooks.

Is it safe to give someone access to my computer?

Glance Intuit has safety measures integrated to reduce the risk of any fraud and help protect the user’s privacy. However, anyone can start a glance meeting by holding a free trial or subscription. That way, they could access your screen remotely and even control it if you offer them these permissions. So it is advisable that you only join sessions initiated by those you trust or are verified to belong to a trusted organization.

If you’re using glance on an intuit app, then you’ll be connected to a trained glance agent that you can trust. If any worries persist, you still have the option to remove access or even end a call if you wish.

Does Glance offer a Chrome extension?

Yes, Glance Networks has a Chrome extension that you can use to join a session you’re invited to without needing to download the software. It currently has more than 700,000 downloads.

Should I delete the application after I’m finished?

That is entirely up to you. If you find yourself regularly joining glance sessions, then it may be inconvenient to download, delete and redownload the software again, and again. The guest file itself takes up only a mere 5.61 MB, while the full software takes up 154 MB. If you find yourself needing to free up disk space, then deleting these applications itself wouldn’t make a noticeable difference.

Does Glance offer any integrations?

Glance functionality can be integrated into any CRMs or engagement platforms that your organizations use. It’s been optimized to do so as efficiently as possible. Some examples of integrations include Glance for Salesforce, Docutech, Carahsoft and ServiceNow. For more details, check their page on integration partners. As mentioned earlier, glance can also be embedded into your phone apps.

What is Glance Networks?

Glance Networks is the company whose products have been discussed in this FAQ so far, namely Glance Intuit. In their own words, Glance Networks’ products help provide “personal, human-to-human customer experience in digital environments” through these products. Besides Glance Intuit, other products that Glance Networks offers are Axos and Constant Contact. Axos is used for digital banking, while Constant Contact is used for customer support. Both of these work through features shared through Glance Intuit, namely screen sharing.

What is Glance Guest?

Glance Guest is the smaller version of the Glance application that’s meant for non-glance users to join glance meetings set up by glance users.

How do I contact Glance customer support?

Before contacting them for any troubleshooting, check out their help page first and see if you can find a solution for your problem there. If the problem persists, then go to their contact page and fill out the form, detailing the problem you’re experiencing with a specific product. Or alternatively, you can send them an email with the addresses provided on that page.